The ER34615 and ER34615M batteries are suitable for powering energy-saving data loggers, small telemetry stations and SMART meter modules. 

Battery life

The battery is characterized by a high energy density per unit volume and very low self-discharge, which varies depending on the ambient temperature and the type of battery with a capacity drop of up to 2% to 3% per year.

With one workload, the devices can work for 3 to 10 years depending on the current consumption of individual devices, the set measurement frequency and the type and number of connected probes and sensors, and for communication modules also on the set frequency of data sessions to the server.

The ambient temperature of both types of batteries has a great influence on the total achievable capacity. In the cold, the capacity of the batteries decreases, which can cause data sessions to the server to fail on some days of the winter season. The software of dataloggers and telemetry stations is able to automatically add the missing measured data to the database on the server after the improvement of climatic conditions.


The batteries cannot be recharged and after replacing exhausted batteries, it is necessary to ensure their ecological disposal.

ER34615 (3,6V/19Ah)

ER34615 batteries are designed for devices without GSM / GPRS communication module, which have an order of magnitude lower permitted current consumption than ER34615M batteries. On the other hand, they have lower self-discharge and reach higher capacity (19 Ah).

If these batteries are also used for devices with GSM / GPRS communication, which requires peak current consumption around 2A, these batteries will be irreversibly damaged and their operating time will be shortened without depleting the energy contained in the batteries.

ER34615M (3,6V/12Ah)

This more expensive type of battery is intended for devices with a GSM / GPRS communication module. The battery is characterized by the ability to provide up to 2A current consumption for a short time, which GSM technology requires.

List of devices requiring the use of ER34615M batteries:

  • Hydro logger H1-G (1 battery)
  • Level logger H2-G (1 pc)
  • Small telemetry station H50-G (2 pcs)
  • STELA-3A (2 pcs) and STELA-3B (4 pcs)
  • Level meter H531-G (1 pc)

Detailed technical parameters of both types of batteries are clear from the enclosed catalog sheets.


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