Pyranometr CPM11

The high-precision CMP11 pyranometer from Kipp & Zonen is a device for measuring global radiation (solar radiation) incident on the thermocouple sensor of a sensor from a whole hemisphere located above the spherical cover of the sensor. The output signal of the sensor is in microvolts and its magnitude corresponds to the incident energy of shortwave solar radiation in watts per m².

The CMP11 pyranometer is designed for continuous outdoor and indoor use. The spectral sensitivity of the pyranometer is from 285 to 2800 nm. The maximum measuring range is up to 4000 W / m², an excellent pyranometer time constant <5 sec (95% of the measured value) and a typical sensitivity of 10 uV / W / m². In the temperature range from -10 ºC to +40 ºC, the measurement accuracy is better than 1%.

The operating temperature of the CMP3 pyranometer can range from -40 ºC to +80 ºC. Long-term output stability is better than 1% per year.

The CMP11 pyranometer comes with a snap-on white plastic screen that prevents unwanted reflections of sunlight from the second averted hemisphere and also covers the connector with a 10-meter shielded cable, which is also standard on the CMP11 pyranometer.

Each CMP11 pyranometer is accompanied by a manufacturer's calibration certificate (it contains a calibration constant for setting the sensitivity of the connected amplifier-datalogger).

The pyranometer is connected to FIEDLER units and data loggers via the TEP06/P converter via the RS485 bus.


Basic technical parameters

Spectral range 285 to 2800 nm
Time constant5 sec (95%)
Zero error ± 7 W/m²
Error due to angle of incidence (80° při 1000 W/m²)± 10 W/m²
Temperature dependence of sensitivity (-10 ºC to +40 ºC)± 1 %
Operating temperature-40 °C to +80 °C
Maximum measured value4000 W/m²
Scanned area180 °
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