DUK8 - sensor holder with radiation cover

DUK8 Držák a kryt ultrazvukového hladinoměru

The boom holder with radiation cover DUK8 is designed for firm and stable mounting of ultrasonic level meters or radar level meters over open flow, open sludge sump, etc. The bracket is usually installed on the bridge railing, on the bridge structure or on the side wall of the sump and tank.

The length of the horizontal arm is 800 mm (other boom lengths can be supplied).

The mechanical design of the sensor allows precise adjustment of the ultrasonic (radar) level meter to the vertical axis. The adjusting elements make it possible to change the inclination of the installed level meter in two planes perpendicular to each other.

Hladinoměr ultrazvukový

An integral part of the DUK8 holder is a stainless steel radiation cover, which on the one hand prevents deterioration of measurement accuracy due to heating of the sensor body by radiant radiation and also increases the mechanical protection of the level meter against possible vandal attacks.




The DUK8 holder can be used for ultrasonic level meters:

  •      US1200 to US4200
  •      EasyTREK-SPA series


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