ESV11 Conductivity and temperature probe

ESV11 s kabelem


The ESV11 probe is designed for measuring conductivity and temperature of water in boreholes, in open streams, in water tanks, in industrial facilities and wherever the stainless steel design of the sensing electrodes and the probe casing is suitable.

Mechanical design

The mechanical design of the probe allows it to be permanently immersed in the medium to be measured (water). The four-core polyurethane interconnecting cable, which serves both to power the probe and to transmit the measured data via the RS485 interface under the FINET protocol, is encapsulated together with the electronics on the probe side in a stainless steel probe housing with a diameter of 28 mm and a length of 180 mm to protect against moisture penetration. The cable length is 5 m as standard and ESV11 sensors can be supplied with a longer cable on request.

Measuring range

ESV11 probes are available with a measurement range of 0 to 2000 uS/cm.

RS485 communication interface

The ESV11 measuring probe is connected to the M4016 unit via a standard RS485 interface cable (brown = +Unap, green = GND, white = RS485-A, grey = RS485-B). The network address of the probe is set to 9 by the manufacturer and can be changed from the MOST program if required.

Probe measurement channels

The ESV11 probe contains 4 measurement channels:
K1 ... Water temperature [°C]
K2 ... Conductivity - linear temperature compensation - preset by the manufacturer at 2% / K
K3 ... Conductivity - non-linear thermal compensation for surface water according to EN27888 (DIN38404)
K4 ... Conductivity - without temperature compensation

After connecting the probe to the recording unit (M4016, H1, H7, H40, ...) via RS485 serial interface, the unit needs to be parameterized. Depending on the type of measured quantity, it is necessary to set a different channel number according to the previous table, as well as the measurement units and the number of decimal places. Conductivity is usually measured in uS with a resolution of 0 to 1 decimal place.

The water temperature of the water in channel K1 is set to a resolution of 0.1 °C by default.

ESV11 - snímač pro měření vodivosti a teploty vody