LEVEL LOGGER H2 was designed to monitor the level and flow in open streams and to monitor rainfall during the construction of local warning systems (LVS).

H2 Level Logger

The device transmits the measured data to the database via the GSM / GPRS + SMS modem at regular intervals to the server and in case of an emergency sends a warning SMS activated by a limit or gradient alarm of rising level or exceeding the moving sum of precipitation for a set time interval.

Characteristic H2:

  • 8-channel telemetry station specialized in measuring levels and rainfall
  • Possibility to calculate precipitation using the coefficients of a dynamically calibrated rain gauge
  • Current inputs for pressure and level sensors in reservoirs and pumping stations
  • Binary inputs (flooding, object disturbance)
  • GSM / GPRS data transfers to the server
  • Integrated SMS alert system
  • Operation from own battery up to 5 years, input for external power supply 12 VDC
  • Parameters configurable via the Internet
  • Robust metal housing with IP67 protection
  • Low operating costs due to the possibility of using regular credit SIM cards

Typical use of LEVEL LOGGER H2: 

- Continuous monitoring of levels and rainfall.

- Construction of networks of rain gauge and limnographic stations with the possibility of sending warning SMS.

Basic description

The graphic display provides an immediate overview of the measured quantities (level, temperature, rainfall, binary channel states, battery voltage, current flowing to the connected sensors, temperature and humidity inside the device, ...) and facilitates the installation of GSM antenna in the field - the display shows the current intensity of the GSM field and the volume of data sent to the server.

The battery power supply, designed for several years of operation, can be saved by connecting an external 8 to 15 VDC power supply. Very low quiescent consumption from this external source (in the order of tens of uA) and high efficiency of the built-in inverter allows the use of a small 12-volt battery for backup power.

Hydro Logger H1 s držákemAnother built-in programmable voltage converter (output voltage 6V or 15V) allows seamless connection of up to two pressure or level sensors with an output signal of 4-20 mA. The current for the supply of these sensors is monitored and when it increases, the user is notified of a possible fault in the connected sensors.

The high capacity of the data memory stores the measured data for several years of operation even after discharging the battery. When the data memory is full, the oldest data is overwritten cyclically.

Level Logger H2 has a robust mechanical design with high IP67 protection, which is necessary for devices permanently located in an outdoor environment with high alternation of temperatures and humidity.

The delivery of the Level Logger H2 includes a stainless steel holder for mounting the Logger on the wall and a GSM rod antenna. Several gain-graded GSM antennas are available for installing the device in underground shafts and in places with a weak signal. An extension cable to the antenna can also be ordered from the supplier.

Measuring A channels (for analog quantities)

Level Logger has a total of 8 measuring channels for recording quantities in 16-bit resolution. Each recording channel can be assigned its specific name, number of decimal places for measurement and archiving, units, measuring method and many other parameters.

The archiving interval can be set separately for each recording channel. Level logger H2 supports the transition to more frequent recording of selected quantities after exceeding the set limits (limit alarm) or after a quick change of value (gradient alarm).

Control C channels

Control channels for recording battery voltage, the size of the external supply voltage, the current drawn by the connected sensors and the temperature and humidity inside the datalogger.


PV1-PV2: 2 fast inputs with integrated pulse counters

PV3-PV4: 2 pulse-binary inputs (sink flooding, building security)

AV1- AV2:  2 current inputs, analog signal 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 1-5 mA, 0-5 mA, 0-1 mA. Alternatively 2 voltage inputs: 0 to 2.0V

RS-485: serial network interface for connection of separate measuring probes (eg ultrasonic level sensor US1200)

LEVEL LOGGER H2 is internally equipped with a combined sensor, which is used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the air inside the device.

Datahosting pro LEVEL LOGGER H2

LEVEL LOGGER H2 uses data hosting set up on the manufacturer's server. The user does not have to set up his own server or ensure its operation and maintenance.
Authorized users can access the data stored on the server at any time via a standard web browser. In addition to graphical and tabular visualization, the server also enables limit value searches, data exports in several formats and other functions.

Data transfers between the server and the Level Logger H2

  • Transmission of measured data to the server at set times
  • Switch to more frequent transmissions after evaluation of the alarm condition
  • The controlled power supply of the GPRS module enables many years of operation without battery replacement - more than 4000 data sessions or SMS messages
  • Parameterization of the H2 telemetry station via the server, including saving changes in settings
  • Setting the time of the telemetry station according to the server
  • FW datalogger upgrade via server

System of warning and informative SMS:

  • Telephone directory for 10 recipients, grouping into groups
  • 14 adjustable warning SMS messages (any text, automatic input of the current value, various trigger conditions including their duration, hysteresis)
  • 8 preset SMS messages
  • Possibility of compiling the content of an informative SMS message (current values, max., Min., Various balances, SIM credit, ...)
  • Informative SMS sent in daily, weekly or monthly interval


PC (laptop) connection under the MOST program:

M8 - RS232 connector, KP232 / M8 communication cable and USB / RS232 converter can be ordered for the device

Protective cabinets for H2

Two types of plastic enclosures can be ordered to place the Level Logger H2 outdoors or in heavily soiled and humid areas. The equipment of the cabinets also includes a mounting plate for mounting the Level Logger H2.

Both types of enclosures have a high IP66 protection, which guarantees that the device remains protected from the environment.

ARIA-H1 case

This cabinet is robust, lockable and allows you to place a backup power battery 12V / 9Ah under the Level Logger H2.

A pair of stainless steel fittings adapted for mounting the ARIA-H1 cabinet on a mast or column using Bandimex straps can be ordered for the cabinet.

External dimensions of the cabinet: 315 mm x 215 mm x 170 mm (h x w x d).

Thalassa-H1 cabinet

Smaller and more affordable type of cabinet for placing Level Logger H2. The cabinet is supplied with mounted stainless steel handles adapted for stirrups, by means of which it can be easily attached to a mast, a stand for a rain gauge, etc. When ordering, it is necessary to specify the required size of the supplied stainless steel clamps (1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2").

External dimensions of the cabinet: 240 mm x 195 mm x 90 mm (h x w x d).

Schneider-H1     Schneider-H1   

A 12V/9Ah backup battery will not fit in this type of cabinet.

Základní technické parametry
Parametr        Hodnota
Počet analogových vstupů2 proudové vstupy (0)4-20 mA
Počet pulsních vstupů2 rychlé pulsní vstupy PV1, PV2, 2 pomalé pulsní vstupy PV3, PV4
Počet binárních vstupůnepoužité vstupy PV1 až PV4
rozhraní RS-4851x pro připojení čidel a senzorů, protokol FINET
Počet záznamových kanálů8 analogových (A), 8 binárních (B), 8 kontrolních (C), 1 textový
Interval archivacenastavitelný 1 min až 1 den samostatně pro A kanály
Kapacita datové paměti2MB Flash, záznam až 300 000 hodnot, cyklické rolování
Korekce reálného časuautomatická ze serveru
Napájecí baterieLithiová baterie SAFT LSH20 3,6V
Externí napájecí napětí8-15 VDC, klidový proud 50 uA
Doba provozuaž 5 roků bez výměny baterie
GSM/GPRS modulGPRS Calss 12, sloty: 4Rx / 4Tx
GSM anténav ceně stanice prutová 1dB, konektor FME
Interní senzorrelativní vlhkost a teplota
Rozhraní pro připojení PCRS-232, konektor M8
Pracovní teplota-20 °C až +50 °C
Materiál pouzdraAl slitina a plast
Rozměry160 x 90 x 60 mm (beg GSM a kabel. vývodek)
Hmotnost1,1 kg včetně nerezového držáku a baterie
Krytí                                               IP67
Price list
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