Hydrostatic level meter LMK 809

Odolný hladinoměr LMK809

The plastic immersion level meter LMK809 is designed primarily for measuring the level of heavily polluted wastewater and various aggressive media. However, it can also be used for monitoring the level of surface and groundwater, where its high resistance to contamination and clogging of the measuring membrane of the sludge is advantageously applied.

Instead of the usual stainless steel membrane, the level meter has a special hydrostatic pressure sensor, which is made of durable corundum ceramic.

The level meter is connected to the datalogger or control unit via a 4-20 mA analog current output. The level sensor is also powered from the connected device.

LMK809 level meters are available in a wide range of measuring ranges. The most sensitive sensors measure the level in the range from 0 to 40 cm, the highest range is able to measure up to 100 m of water column.

Sensor diameter: 45 mm


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