Solutions and Services

The small telemetric units for flow, gauge and surface monitoring in water tanks, water treatment and pumps facilities, regulated valves control by day waveform, dispatching over internet to mobile phone.
We deliver control systems for small waste water treatment facilities including Internet datahosting, SMS warning system, flowmeters for open patterns, ultrasonic probes for water surface monitoring in reservoirs and basins, devices for oxygen, pH, redox and conductivity measurement.
Our general-purpose gauge stations are used on main hydrometric profiles. Data transmiting from stations via GSM/GPRS network, datahosting and data visualization on the Internet, warning SMS system, inputs for connexion of raing gauge and qualitative sensors.
Measuring stations with integrated system of warning SMS messages; data transmitted to the Internet viea GPRS network; graphs of instantaneous water level which is acessible via cell phones; low purchace and operating costs, etc.
We supply multi purpose telemetric stations for monitoring of qualitative and quantitative parameters of surface and underground water. Graphic and table visualisation of measured data, data exports from server to PC.
Variable configurations of meteorological stations which are made according to customer requests; server datahosting; warning SMS system; fast and easy installation. One of our customers is PřF UK in Prague, which installed one station in Peru Mountains (5050meters above sea level).
Programmable system for control of up to 32 valves; parameterization via the Internet; charging of the whole system by a small solar panel; suitable for places like golf courses, vineyards, parks and ornamental gardens.
Users of our telemetric stations can use datahosting on our server with possibility of data exports into the PC. You can generate graphs and charts, create statistical reports for printing, do the remote parameterization of stations and so on.
Independent control and monitoring systems for chemical and food processing industry; devices for measurement of electrochemical properities of water; measurement of levels and flows; monitoring of machine run and failure states; parameterization via the Internet.