Hydrostatic level meters

  • Level and temperature probe
  • Probe for general use with a favourable price
  • Stainless steel diaphragms and the probe body
  • Measurement ranges from 0..1 m to 0..10 m
  • RS485 communication interface - FINET / Modbus / RTU communication protocols
Snímač hladiny odpadních a silně znečištěných vod

Wastewater and heavily polluted water level sensor

  • Corundum strain gauge made of high-purity ceramics 99.9%
  • Measuring ranges from 0.4 m to 100 m (water column)
  • Cost-effective sensor design with permanently connected PUR cable
  • Current output 4-20 mA/12V
  • Stainless steel brackets
  • Semipermeable filters to protect the compensating capillary