RT-03 Replacement regulator for SR03/V

Regulátor topení RT-03

The RT-03 dual-circuit heating controller maintains the temperature in the upper and lower sections of the SR03 / V rain gauge at the required values. The upper section - a metal funnel-shaped collecting surface - is heated to 3 to 8 ° C. The interior of the rain gauge with tray and drain holes is heated to 20 to 25 ° C.

Regulátor topení RT-03

In addition, the controller's microprocessor monitors for faults that may occur at the rain gauge. These include, for example, a power failure for heating or a fault in the temperature sensor. Faults can be detected on galvanically isolated outputs of the controller, which can be easily connected to the binary inputs of telemetry stations type M4016 or H1.

A separate galvanically isolated output with a built-in pulse extender at 100 mS is assigned to the output pulses of the rain gauge.

The digital serial interface RS-485 can be used for monitoring the temperatures of the upper and lower heating section and for recording faults using a connected recording unit (M4016, H1, H2, Q2, H3, ...).

A detailed description of the controller connection to the M4016 telemetry station, including the setting of the parameters of this station, is given in the appendix to the M4016 manual.


připojení regulátoru topení k jednotce M4016

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