SPA500 ultrasonic level meters

SPA 500 ultrazvukové snímače hladiny

The integrated ultrasonic level meters of the SPA series represent an affordable and reliable level measurement in sumps, tanks and in open streams. SPA-5A0-4 sensors can also be used to measure flow in open troughs and overflows. Thanks to the high degree of protection IP 68, the level meter can be flooded without damage. The small beam angle of the level meters 5-7 ° ensures reliable level measurement even in narrow spaces.

The electrical connection consists of a 5 m long cable with the possibility of a length of up to 30 m in the standard version.

Characteristic properties

  • 2-wire design
  • Level measurement error less than 1%
  • Supply voltage 11.8… 36 VDC
  • Operating temperature -30… 80 ° C
  • Small beam angle 5 °
  • Measuring ranges 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 25 m
  • Degree of protection IP 68
  • Low price

SPA 500 ultrazvukové snímače hladiny

Production line:

EasyTREK SPA-5A0-4  with range: 0,15…3 m

EasyTREK SPA-590-4  with range: 0,18…5 m

EasyTREK SPA-580-4  with range: 0,20…8 m

EasyTREK SPA-570-4  with range: 0,25...10 m

EasyTREK SPA-560-4  with range: 0,25…12 m

EasyTREK SPA-540-4  with range: 0,35…18 m

SPA 500 ultrazvukové snímače hladiny

Sensor holders

There are several types of stainless steel holders available for ultrasonic level sensors for easy and quick installation of the sensor

Držák US7 pro SPA