Local Warning Systems

Mapa LVS stanic
  • Freely accessible server. Data from more than a thousand water and rain gauge stations
  • Display of current weekly graphs from CHMI and LWS stations (Local Warning System)
  • Display small two-day graphs directly on the map.
  • A quick overview of the location of stations in the field, including zooming

     Optional layer of current clouds and precipitation activity

Varovná protipovodňová stanice

Reliable and variable limnographic station for small and large watercourses

  • Hundreds of installations mainly for CHMI, river basin companies, cities and municipalities
  • Level limit and slope alarms, telephone directory of SMS warning recipients
  • Access to graphs and spreadsheets via web browser and mobile phone
  • Complete user parameterization of stations via the Internet


Warning rain gauge station

Adjustable rain gauge and telemetry stations sets are suitable for the building of flood warning systems and individual measurement points.

  • Continuous calculation of the moving sum of precipitation
  • Automatic sending of warning SMS
  • Regular data transfer to the database server on the Internet