Different type of tower constructions for meteorological stations

the mast for meteorological station -  8 meters

Our company delivers meteorological stations including masts. The length of the mast is 2-10 meters. Longer masts are made from stainless steel and usually have separable three parts. Parts of the mast are a holder of the unit M4016 and arms for gripping of meteorological sensors.

The high of mast for small stations is usually 2m. This mast does not need any rope attachment and is cheaper. We developed two types of this mast. It is zinc-plated steel or stainless steel mast. The arms are always made from stainless steel. The mast has base which is gripped with hard floor or concrete block which is a part of delivery.

floating meteorological station We recommend to use 3m stainless steel masts in a places where is higher snow cover. This kind of mast is delivered with a rope attachment.

Our company developed a special floating mast made from stainless steel for meteorological stations which are placed afloat of water basin. Parts of the mast are floats and balanced surface under the water-level. Placing of the station is secured by two anchors and floats.