Dissolved oxygen measurement and aeration blowers control

The basic configuration of oxymeters

Měření rozpuštěného kyslíku a řízení dmychadel Our oxymeter consists of the calibration unit M2001-EK which is equipped with a display, keyboard and EMK11 – a bar sensor of dissolved oxygen. Both parts of the oxymeter have their own microprocessor controlling.

The calibration unit M2001-EK displays dissolved oxygen values and water temperature. The regular sensor calibration is possible to do by the keyboard. The calibration unit has galvanic separated active current output 4-20mA which could be used for controlling of a frequency controller in the blower. The second current output can be delivered and is used for transferring information about temperature.

A simple rustles holder DE1 is used for placing the bar sensor EMK11 into a right position. Also, the rustles holder with a small roof K1 is available to fasten on the calibration unit with an aeration tank hand rail.

The economic configuration of oxymeter

Měření rozpuštěného kyslíku a řízení dmychadel The telemetric station M4016-G3 contains a soft function for calibrating of a dissolved oxygen sensor EMK11. So it is possible to omit the calibration unit M2001-EK from the configuration, when low purchase costs are needed. The only disadvantage of this resolution is that is necessary to take the sensor EMK11 out of the waste water tank for the oxymeter calibration. Consequently, do the calibration via the keyboard and put the sensor back into the activating cal.

The omission of the unit M2001-EK is an advantage for measuring of dissolved oxygen in lakes and water tanks.

The connection of the oxymeter and the telemetric station M4016-G3

Měření rozpuštěného kyslíku a řízení dmychadel Forwarding data from the oxymeter (the calibration unit EM2001-EK or straight from the sensor EMK11) into the telemetric station M4016-G3 goes through a digital interface. Therefore, the oxymeter can be as far away as 500 m from the station. The oxymeter is charged from a telemetric station accumulator with 13,3 V by the communication cable.

Oxymeter operating costs

The oxygen sensor of Clark´s type is equipped with an exchangeable membrane which has 1-2 years of service life. The purchase price of the membrane is 1000,-CZK (it is the biggest part of expenses).