The H520-B module contains two LED displays and a detailed bargraph for quick and clear visualization of the displayed level. In addition to the absolute level height, the module also displays the percentage level height.

The module communicates with the control unit via the RS485 bus under the Modbus RTU protocol (slave mode).

The binary transistor output of the module can be used to control a power relay - switching of a pump or solenoid valve, light or sound signaling, etc.

The stand-alone display module without the bottom of the box measures 120 x 80 mm and is only 15 mm high.

Parameterization and settings

The parameterization of the module is performed using the buttons and jumpers located on the back of the display board.

Using mechanical switches, 3 additional communication addresses can be set quickly and easily (possibility of parallel arrangement of modules side by side).

The parameterization of the module and the Modbus table are given in the enclosed manual.


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