WD360 - směrovka pro měření  směru větru

Characteristic properties

  • All-metal design suitable for mountain operating conditions
  • Non-contact sensing of rotor rotation
  • Direction resolution 1°
  • Wide supply voltage range 5 to 24 V DC
  • Extremely low current consumption
  • Communication via RS485 bus under Modbus RTU and FINET protocols
  • Optional secondary output:
    - voltage 0-1 V DC (0-360)
    - frequency 0-360 Hz (0-360)
    - pulses 0-360 pulses / sec (0-360)

Basic description

The WD360 evaluates the instantaneous wind direction non-contact on the principle of sensing the position of the rotor magnetic field with an internal resolution of better than 0.5°.

In addition to the instantaneous value of the wind direction, the device also continuously calculates the average value of the wind direction. The extremely low current consumption of the device allows measurements and calculations of the average value of the wind direction to be performed for another 30 minutes after the rudder has been disconnected from the supply voltage.

The connected recording unit can therefore read from the WD360 router via the RS485 communication bus:

  • the instantaneous value of the wind direction
  • the average value of the wind direction

Communication between the WD360 router and the connected recording or control unit takes place under the Modbus RTU or FINET protocol.

Mechanical design

The WD360 and WD360-H rudders complement the WS103 anemometers with accurate wind direction monitoring. Like anemometers, the rudders are built of durable metal materials (stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy) to withstand harsh climatic conditions in mountain and alpine environments. The operational reliability of the rudder is also increased by the used high-quality stainless steel bearings.

A heated version of the WD360-H rudder is intended for year-round operation, which contains a 5 W heater at the company's mounting location. In economy mode, it switches on the heating only for the necessary time at temperatures close to 0 or lower and at a sufficiently large supply voltage (there is no risk of uncontrolled discharge of the battery). 

Secondary output signal

The WS103 router has a data output connected to the RS485 bus (Modbus RTU and FINET protocols) and a secondary output to a separate pin connector.

The secondary output can be voltage in the range 0 to 1 V DC, frequency in the range 0 - 360 Hz or pulse in the range 0 to 360 pulses / sec. All ranges already correspond directly to the wind direction 0 to 360 °. The pulse and frequency output consists of an open collector (OK), which switches the external voltage supplied to this output from 3 to 30 V DC / 100 mA max.

The specification of the secondary output should be specified in the device order. Without this specification, a WD360 rudder with a set pulse output is supplied as standard.

WH700 - držák pro anemometr WS103 a směrovku WD360

Sensor mounting bracket

The WS103 sensor is adapted for easy and quick installation on the top of a mast with an outer diameter of 33 mm (1 ”tube). Two M5 screws in the sensor body are used to fasten the sensor to the top of the mast. The cable from the rudder connection connector can be pulled inside the mast to the recording unit. To reduce the risk of damage to the sensor due to static discharge, we recommend placing a pick-up rod on the mast above the anemometer and grounding the mast base well.

If the sensor is installed together with the WD360 rudder, a WH700 bracket can be used to install both devices, which contains both a mounting anchorage on a mast with a diameter of 40 to 60 mm and a removable rod sensor of atmospheric discharges.

Recommendations for sensor placement

The WD360 rudder together with the WS103 anemometer should be placed high enough above the surface (usually at the top of a 2 to 10 m high mast) and in a place that will not be shaded by an adjacent building or forest. It is recommended that the distance of the sensor from the obstacle be at least 10 times the height of this obstacle.

WD360 - směrovka pro měření  směru větru

Základní technické parametry

Measuring range: 0 to 360°

Direction resolution:

Position sensing method: non-contact magnetic

Primary output: RS485, Modbus RTU protocol, FINET

Secondary output: wind direction 0 to 360 °:

A) pulses 0 to 360 pulses/s (OK)
B) frequency 0 to 360 Hz (OK)

OK: Umax <30 V DC, Imax <100 mA

C) voltage 0 to 1 V DC

Supply voltage: 5 to 24 V DC

Current consumption: type 0.2 mA, max 250 mA (after switching on)

Dimensions: height 385 mm, rudder radius 260 mm

Material: stainless steel, Al alloy

Connecting connector: M12 / 5

Sensor mounting: on a 33 mm (1 ”) diameter pole

Weight: 560 g

Optional accessories: WH700 boom for parallel installation of WS103 anemometer and WD360 rudder

Working temperature: -40 °C to +60 °C

Heater (WD360-H): 12 V / 5 W


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