RS13 - charging controller for solar panel

 Regulátor dobíjení k solárnímu panelu


The RS13 charging controller has a practically immeasurable own current consumption (it is about 100 times smaller than usual for similar products).

Characteristic properties of the RS13 controller

  • It does not discharge the battery by its own current consumption
  • Prevents overcharging of the battery
  • It disconnects the load from the battery at low voltage and thus prolongs its life
  • Does not consume energy when recharging the battery (100% charging efficiency)

The RS13 controller is designed to regulate the charging voltage and current of a maintenance-free battery with a nominal voltage of 12V from a connected solar panel. The maximum charging current should not exceed the value of 3A and thus the maximum power of the connected solar panel is given, which should not be greater than 30W.

The controller is connected between the solar panel and the rechargeable battery and is supplied with connecting cables.


RS13 - regulátor dobíjení

In addition to charge control, the controller also ensures that the load is disconnected from the discharged battery and thus significantly extends its life.

In general, all maintenance-free gel batteries are very sensitive to the depth of discharge, and with the number of deep discharges, the declared service life of these batteries also decreases significantly.

The RS13 controller disconnects the load from the battery when the voltage drops below 11.1 V and reconnects the load to the battery only after the battery voltage rises above 12.1 V.


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