An automatic emails sending from the server

An automatic emails sending from the server

The cueing agent which sends email messages is one of web browser functions. The main task of this agent is to warn users of some situations and matters which have not so high priority to send SMS message.

The cueing agent is usually used for:

  • Checking of SIM card credit balance
  • Checking of low battery in measuring stations which are without power supply
  • Finding out the failure of data transferring.

Other possibilities of cueing agent setting:

  • Monitoring of switching alarms on/off
  • Mains power supply failure
  • Warning of faults in measuring channels
  • Reaching the limited level of measured values
  • Monitoring of binary inputs and outputs.

The cueing agent can have up to 8 pre-set texts of e-mail. The list of recipients contains 16 email addresses grouped into 3 groups.