H500 Level meter for fire trucks and tanks

The H500 level meter set is intended for monitoring the current amount of water in the tank of a fire truck. In addition, this set can be used wherever it is necessary to have a visual overview of the current level or volume of water in the tank, sump, well or in a given technological process.


Hladinoměr H500 signalizační pro hasičské vozy


In the basic version, the level meter assembly consists of a display and control unit H500, two light signaling panels and one immersion level sensor.

This set can be further expanded by an external display unit H520-B located in the driver's cab of a fire truck.


  • Water level measurement in the tank by a strain gauge sensor with a resolution of 1 cm
  • Wide measuring range 0 to 4 m (6 m, 10 m) of water column
  • Graphic backlit display
  • Preset basic types of tanks, including the possibility of customizing the dimensions
  • Display of absolute and percentage amount of water in the tank
  • Display of the time remaining until the tank is emptied or filled
  • Pump operating hours
  • Output for external siren
  • Power supply from 24 V and 12 V DC system
  • Two high-brightness signaling panels for remote overview of the current pumping / filling, step 20% of the tank volume
  • Warning by flashing the panel of the approaching emptying / filling of the tank
  • Output for display and communication unit located in the driver's cab
  • Mechanically resistant design, high IP67 protection, non-corrosive materials

Basic description

The level meter control unit continuously measures the height of the water in the tank using an immersion level sensor and continuously calculates the current water volume (in liters and in% of the total tank volume) according to the tank dimensions. Both values are shown on the graphic display of the unit located near the pump operator.

In addition, the H500 level meter monitors the rate of descent or rise of the level when extinguishing or filling the tank and also shows the time remaining until the tank is emptied or filled.

The H500 level meter also has an input for monitoring the pump's operating hours and an output for an audible siren, which can be used, for example, in the tank filling process.

LED signaling panelsSignalizační LED panel

The H500 level meter includes two high-brightness signaling LED panels designed for installation on the sides of a fire truck. Each 40 cm high panel contains 5 light sections divided by 20% of the tank volume. The number of illuminated sections at a distance of up to 150 m signals the current amount of water in the tank.

When the volume of water in the tank drops below 20% of its total volume, the lowest red section of the signaling panel will flash.

On the other hand, the highest white section of the signaling panel flashes gradually when filling the tank, if the filling value reaches 90% of its volume. The slow flashing gradually accelerates until it changes to a continuous light when the tank is completely filled.

External display unit

K hladinoměru H500 lze pomocí čtyřžilového kabelu připojit zobrazovací jednotku H520-B, která může být umístěna například v kabině řidiče hasičského vozu. Na displeji této jednotky H520-B je vedle výšky hladiny zobrazena i procentuální hodnota hladiny spolu s bargrafem.

Hladinoměr H520 do kabiny řidiče


It is advisable to entrust the installation of the H500 level meter to a trained person who not only mechanically fixes the level sensor, control unit and both signaling panels to suitable places of the fire truck, but also sets the control unit parameters according to the actual tank dimensions, connects cables to control unit terminals and leads to the unit. power supply, or connects a siren and brings to the unit a signal to turn on the pump. 


Hladinoměr H500 se signalizací pro hasičské vozy

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