Teplotní snímač PT100-XM

The sensor contains an accurate and stable Pt100 class A temperature sensor, which is watertightly housed in a stainless steel housing and is equipped with a polyurethane cable of the required length. The cable used is four-core and its connection allows to separate the supply line from the measuring line when connecting the sensor to the measuring circuit and thus eliminate the influence of the cable length on the measured temperature.

Connecting the sensor to the measuring device

The PT100-XM sensor can be connected directly to the M4016 telemetry station, which has a total of 3 special temperature inputs on the DPD-III connection board. The sensor is also designed for connection to a small MINILOG data logger or to TEP06 or TEP01 temperature transducers. In the last two devices, the connection of the sensor is fixed and inseparable due to reliable measurement even when the device is flooded with water or when the MINILOG or TEP06 converter is permanently immersed in water.

The TEP06/S temperature transmitter contains 24 terminals for connecting up to six PT100-XM sensors. The connection of the sensors to these terminals is clear from the following figure.


Připojení PT100-XM k TEP06/S

The cable length

The length of the polyurethane four-core cable can be up to 50 m. As standard, the sensors are supplied with cables with a length of 1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m and 50 m. The cable length in meters is given in the name of the sensor after the dash: PT100-10M indicates a sensor with a Pt100 sensor and a cable length of 10 m. The cable used has a diameter of 3.2 mm.

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